Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Award! Yay!

I know I've been kind of neglecting this blog for the past week or so but despite that, I've just received my first ever award for this book blog! :)

This was given to me by Velvet and DCMetroreader:

I'm supposed to list down seven of my favorite things and seven other blogs. Here's mine:

7 favorite things: (in random order)

1. books!
2. phone :)
3. any music player
4. blueberry cheesecake
5. laptop. :)
6. cappuccino
7. Chuck! (both the TV series and the one from GG. LOL.)

Now, on to the blogs: (in random order as well)

1. Must Read Faster
2. Collecting songs & other stuff
3. Confessions of a Bookworm
4. One Person's Journey Through A World of Books
5. Dream Box
6. Melissa's Bookshelf
7. The Book Obsession

That's it for now. Hope I can put up a new blog layout soon! :D


lissa 07 said...

hey, thanks for the mention, I'll try to post about this

books & laptop - definitely both of my favorite things, gonna have to try the blueberry cheesecake - sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! And congrats on getting the award yourself--well deserved!

austenfan said...

@lissa: You should definitely try it, yum! :p

@melissa: Thanks! You deserve it as well. :)

Books said...

awww thank you! :)>

Startswithana said...

Thanks I'm really honored, I noticed that my blog is the only one, with the name, not related to books, jaja

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! That is so sweet! Just got aback into town and just read about this. I will post it either today or tomorrow. (A tad tired tonight lol)


efaqffqaewfm said...

Thank you!!! I'll definitely post this up ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Added this to my Sunday week in review post. Thanks again! :)

lissa 07 said...

I posted about this and forgot to leave link, here it is

thanks again for the award

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your award!

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