Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contest Reminder :)

I really need to post a new review. And I will! Hmm, it will probably be up tomorrow. As to the book, it's something I read a week ago and w/c I REALLY loved. :) Haha, enough of me trying to be mysterious.

On to an altogether different topic, my contest for a signed hardcover copy of Cleopatra's Daughter + an ancient Roman coin will end three days from now, on Sept 19! So, if you'd like to win a copy, you can do so here. :)

And oh, has anyone watched the first episode of Gossip Girl season 3 yet? I love Chair!!!!


Jackie said...

Yep, I caught the first ep. of Gossip Girl and I was a bit disappointed. I only started watching at the end of last season but in trying to catch up, I still have chunks of info Chuck's dad dying, etc. I really have to go rent Season 2 to catch up ;-)

austenfan said...

@Jackie: Yeah, you totally should watch seasons 1 and 2. The first ep wasn't as smashing as I'd expected it to be, but I still liked it (probably because of Blair and Chuck). :)

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