Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Between Me and the River - Carrie Host

Between Me and The River tells the story of Carrie Host who, at 40, was diagnosed with carcinoid tumor, a rare form of cancer which can only be treated by surgeries. This book takes takes us through Carrie's struggle with cancer and how she, aided by her family's support, ultimately found the strength to fight it.


Having never read a memoir before, I didn't know what to expect as I started reading this book. I was prepared to go through it with a very melancholic mood. But as I went on with the first few pages, where Carrie recounts her memories with her family as a young kid, I was pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, my whole outlook for this novel changed. This was not what I expected at all.

Carrie has an ability to inject lightheartedness into what is an otherwise extremely serious subject. Though the content of the book was really depressing, I managed to go through it without sobbing my heart out for the most part of the book. This is not a bad thing. Somehow, I was able to feel what the author was really expressing that way.

One of the parts that I liked most about the book was this short paragraph about Carrie's realizations about cancer that showed up in some of the chapters in the book. Here's one of which:

Cancer is like that. Sometimes we truly don't see how we will muster up the courage to keep going. When we can only see death staring us in the face, fear just knocks us flat out. This is where the people we love the most can help us to lean on their courage and stand up again.
- page 225

Carrie is very fortunate to have a very supportive husband, Amory, and kids, who at the face of this crisis, have matured beyond their years to help their mother through this painful ordeal.

Between Me and the River is a beautiful and inspiring story. I'd recommend it not just to those with loved ones who have faced cancer in their lives, but to everyone who would like to realize some of the truths that we constantly face in our lives.

Writing: 4/5
Book Love: 4/5

I would like to thank Lisa of OnlinePublicist for giving me a wonderful opportunity to review this book.

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